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Birthdate:Sep 30
I'm a 40+ Finnish woman. I'm happily married and I have three sons, you can see their ages from the tickers below this info. We also have a cat called Sysi the Cat. We live in the Helsinki Metropolitan area and I work in the Helsinki Adult Education Centre as a library clerc. On my free time I like to do things that interest me enough, so I have quite a many hobbies.

I could write here more about myself but it would be mile long story and as I'm not one to read those myself why would I write one? If you want to get to know me best way is to friend me, I won't bite (hard) but I'd like to know where you found me and why would you like to be friends with me. I'll probably add you back :)

If you're already my friend you can read something about me from this entry.

My journal is about my life and my thoughts and feelings and that's why I want it to be Friends-Only.

Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like bananas
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